Recovering from your vasectomy reversal

It’s natural to be keen to get back to your daily life as quickly as possible after your vasectomy reversal. The good news is that it involves a small incision, and therefore recovery is generally very smooth. However, it is also very important that you rest and recover fully after the procedure. The tiny joins in the vasa need time to heal properly if your procedure is to be a success – doing too much in the first week or so could risk delaying or disturbing the healing process, and reduce your overall chances of a successful outcome.
Immediately after the operation, you need to avoid driving for at least 48 hours. We recommend that you don’t drive any long distances for at least a week. You will be sore and this might impair your ability to use the brake and the clutch, and in particular to carry out emergency stops. You shouldn’t need to inform the DVLA that you’ve had surgery unless you have a medical condition which will last for more than three months after your surgery and may affect your ability to drive. You should however speak to your insurance company before you start driving again.
After the operation, you will need at least one week at home to rest and recover. During this week you should not be doing anything physically active, but can instead take the opportunity to catch up on that box set you’ve been meaning to watch or do a small amount of work from home. During this first week, please take showers instead of baths to avoid dissolving your sutures too quickly. You should also avoid rubbing the site of the wound with a towel – pat it dry instead.
If your job is desk-based then you should be able to return to this after one week. At this stage you can carry out desk work, potter around the house and begin to become a little more active. If your job is more manual then you will need to be away from work for two weeks. Avoid sports and any more physical activities for the first two weeks or until you feel comfortable.
You will need to avoid sexual activity for a month. You may have some involuntary night-time ejaculation during this period which is unavoidable, and there may be some blood in the first few ejaculates. This is normal following this operation and nothing to worry about.
Finally, we recommend that you don’t book any foreign travel for the month after your operation. This is just in case of any complications.

Overall, the most important thing is simply to give yourself time to rest and heal. We find that most men are pleasantly surprised by the recovery period and are back on their feet and into their normal daily lives after a couple of weeks of rest.



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